Nine Boats: Tales From the Enneagram

Audio CD with color booklet

This is an audio CD with people from the Nine Types telling their story includes a 12 page color booklet. Each of us has a child in our heart who loves to hear a story. The tale of Nine Boats is an introduction to the Enneagram, an ancient personality system based on nine different approaches […]

Enneagram Typing Interview

One on One with Dr. Parsons

Dr. Parsons will conduct an Enneagram Typing Interview which usually lasts around 90 minutes. This interview is a dialogue where questions are followed up with examples of the motivational states of the different stances in day to day situations. The aim of this interview is give the interviewee the critical things to watch for in […]

27 Statements from Nine Enneagram Views

A quick guide

No view is better. All have 1/9 of the truth. All have blind spots. Check the statements and see if there is a group that feels more like you. This doesn’t mean you are that number, but that this is a starting point in your inquiry into finding your habit of attention. Habit of attention […]

Interview with Dr. Parsons on Enneagram

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gayle White

What’s your number? In classes and retreats, the enneagram is being applied to matters of the soul and the mind. You’re Number One. Or Four, Six or Nine. Whatever the integer, it may influence how you regard yourself, your friends, even God. The numbers are points on a nine-part graph of personal attitudes called the […]

The Dynamic Enneagram

Tom Condon on Fives, Sixes, Sevens