Dr. Lynne Parsons

Professional Biography

Dr. Lynne Parsons has been practicing psychology since 1986. Her under graduate education was at University of Illinois. She did her graduate degree in psychology at the Chicago Professional School of Psychology in Chicago. She began her practice in Chicago, both in private practice and teaching physicians. Moving to North Carolina in l996 she has again combined teaching family physicians with private practice. Currently she is on the faculty of behavioral science for the Hendersonville Family Practice Residency at Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville. Her home office is located in Mill Spring at Morning Glory Farm.

This combination of working with family doctors and private practice has given her a broad range of experience and expertise in both acute crisis and longer term change work.

Dr. Parsons uses family system approaches, Somatic Experiencing (a new approach to restoring resiliency after trauma), cognitive behavioral techniques as well as dream work. She views her role as therapist as one of expert facilitator, supplying the needed information and support to guide clients to achieve the changes they desire. She works with couples as well as individuals. Her work begins with adolescents, but her prime focus is on adults seeking change.

While depression and anxiety are common reasons people seek help, often those are simply symptoms either of lost, prior emotional shocks, or a needed change. Dr. Parsons has special expertise with people experiencing Panic Attacks because her work with physicians has directed so many clients with anxiety symptoms her way. She has developed an effective technique based on breathing which can quickly help people to manage their Panic Disorder and has presented seminars on Panic Disorder. Part of the treatment is understanding why Panic Attacks begin and continue.