Enneagram Typing Interview

One on One with Dr. Parsons

Dr. Parsons will conduct an Enneagram Typing Interview which usually lasts around 90 minutes.

This interview is a dialogue where questions are followed up with examples of the motivational states of the different stances in day to day situations. The aim of this interview is give the interviewee the critical things to watch for in their thinking and feeling that will help them discover their own position on the Enneagram Personality Map.

No one can tell you your number. It is always an inside job. More important, you should be wary of people who do so because they aren’t really helping. Internet tests are quides, but definitely not certain because the Enneagram is about motivation rather than behavior. Motivation is often hidden. It is the process of self discovery that matters. You are looking for a “aha” experience, where you feel, “oh yes this is me”. Often that sense comes with words like “I don’t want to be a ….” For many this experience happens in the Typing Interview, but not always. Each person’s path is unique.

Typing Interview Fee is $150.00 and includes a copy of The Essential Enneagram by Daniels and Price.