Nine Boats: Tales From the Enneagram

Audio CD with color booklet

This is an audio CD with people from the Nine Types telling their story includes a 12 page
color booklet. Each of us has a child in our heart
who loves to hear a story. The tale of Nine Boats is an introduction to
the Enneagram, an ancient personality system based on nine different approaches
to life. The audio is done by nine people representing each Enneagram type
and includes answers to questions commonly asked by people just learning
the Enneagram. An effective easy way to get started finding your own number.

Editorial Reviews

Coleen Rae, author, couselor, Durham, NC

“best short introduction I’ve come across in over a decade of in-depth exploration of this tool.”

Mara and Ford Smith, Authors

“Parsons has compared personalities to boats- a fun metapor that sticks in the mind. It works!”

Tammie Lesesne MA, LPC, therapist

“This is a great introduction for the novice, and a rich metaphor for those already knowledgeable.”

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