27 Statements from Nine Enneagram Views

A quick guide

No view is better. All have 1/9 of the truth. All have blind spots. Check the statements and see if there is a group that feels more like you. This doesn’t mean you are that number, but that this is a starting point in your inquiry into finding your habit of attention. Habit of attention is automatic and not fully in awareness and determines your Enneagram number. Because it is partially out of awareness it takes a while to find.

Gut/Body Group 9 – 8 – 1


Adjectives that describe me are:
laid back, pleasant, either adaptable
or stubborn, seeking peace

I can be easily distracted when I am on task by side issues that need my

Others’ perspectives are easy to support, it is harder to know my own heart’s

Routines help me to get things done. Routines keep me from being chronically


Adjectives that describe me are:
forthright, at ease with anger, excessive,
seeking control

I seek or others often seek me out to take charge. Leading comes naturally
to me.

I don’t see why others have such mixed feelings about anger. I blow up
and it’s over.

All my life I have sought to protect the underdog. Fairness and justice
matter a lot to me.


Adjectives that describe me are:
idealist, worrier, responsible, seeking
improvement in self & others

My attention often goes to things that need correction.

I have an inner critic in my head that critiques everything I do.

I put what should be done before my own desires.

Heart Group 3 – 2 – 4


Adjectives that describe me are:
efficient, productive, seeking accomplishment & recognition

I love to get things done and have organizational ability.

I know that I can bring out different parts of my personality according
to the situation’s demands.

Feelings are secondary to doing for me because they often distract one
from being productive.


Adjectives that describe me are:
helpful, empathic, caring, a doer,

My attention naturally goes to meeting the needs of those I care about.

I know I am skilled at helping others and get into resentment when there
is no pay back.

I am often surprised that I can’t discern what matters to me when I can
so easily do that for others.


Adjectives that describe me are:

sensitive, moody, creative

Seeking deep meaningful connections
I am familiar with a feeling of melancholy about the way life works and often
see what is missing.

I feel I have an ability to connect with people deeply and I dislike superficiality.

A sense of beauty, having a unique contribution, these are things that matter
to me.

Head Group 6 – 5 – 7


Adjectives that describe me are:
questioning, loyal, self doubter,
seeking security, community builder

I see things in perspective, that includes what might go wrong and ways
to avoid it.

Questioning my decisions and getting others opinions is something I have
always done.

Sometimes I face my fears, sometimes I avoid things. I like to feel courageous
and work at it.


Adjectives that describe me are:
private, intellectual, analytical,
seeking knowledge

I can be quite happy alone, in fact often prefer my own company.

The world of ideas and knowledge has always been my haven and joy.

I dislike strong feeling interchanges, if they happen, I will analyze them


Adjectives that describe me are:
optimistic, visionary, enthusiastic,
seeing multiple possibilities

I often wonder why others don’t see the possibilities I do in life.

I like to commit at the last moment so I don’t lose out on any opportunity.

Unpleasant feelings like sadness, grief, doubt, I generally avoid, and
feel others dwell on too long.