Workshop: Systemic Family Solutions

A Workshop Using Family Constellations

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The family constellation approach … is a deeply moving, often life-altering, way of understanding problems and what stands in the way of solution. The constellations and the insights that anchor them offer an alternative to the solution patterns that so many of us have relied on – anger, blame, self-doubt, illness, addiction, feelings of invisibility, relationship discord, financial problems and others. These well-worn reactions may be familiar, but they do not provide enduring relief. This broad systemic view allows people to reconnect – or perhaps to connect for the first time — to sources of strength in the family and in the self so that real resolution becomes possible. – Adapted from Suzi Tucker

We’re connected to our family members, living and dead. We know this instinctively and now it is available to our other senses with the use of the phenomenological method known as Family Constellations. This experiential workshop will give you the opportunity to see which events in your life may be influenced by an unconscious thread connecting you to those who came before you. By looking beneath the stories, conflicts or pressures that have caused imbalances in your life, a new path to resolution can be found. All issues are welcome.


Sheila Saunders is professionally licensed as a Registered Nurse and a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). She holds Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Homeopathic Medicine and has worked in the psychiatric field for 33 years, providing group therapy at the former John Bradshaw National Treatment Center in Los Angeles, working in children’s residential treatment, psychiatric hospitals, chemical dependency programs, as a mediator in LA Superior Court’s Family Court Services, and most recently as a staff nurse on in-patient psychiatric units in the Asheville, NC area. Sheila has trained in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger himself, as well as with the most experienced constellation facilitators. Sheila was the organizer of the second US Conference on Systemic Constellation Work in 2007 and has been providing workshops and individual sessions around the country for the past 8 years.